1978 Apr Myojo Gakuen School Corporation Urawa Gakuin High School opened at 172 Urawa, Daiyama (Now, Saitama City)
Kozo Takahashi appointed as Principal
School land area / 21,521 m² , Playground / 19,800 m² and Three temporary school building / 1,154 m² acquired
Oct School song created
1979 Mar 1st School building / 6,093 m² and Golf course established
May Boarding house and Rooms established
June School flag created
1980 Apr Nasu ground / 13,650 m² (Two building dormitory with 50 people capacity) and Nasu hot spring boarding house / 650 m²
(Two building with 150 people capacity) opened
1981 Mar 2nd School building / 1,823 m² completed
Apr Playground 3 land / 18,880 m² acquired
1982 Mar 3rd School building / 2,851 m² Gymnasium / 1,989 m² , Covered court for Gymnastic / 1,194 m² , Students hall and Cafeteria etc.
/ 571 m² completed
May Archery ground completed / 110 m²
June Central Alps Komagane boarding house in Komagane, Nagano Prefecture (Six building dormitory with 200 people capacity) / 1,110 m² opened
Sept Pottery studio / 148 m² completed
1984 Apr Kendo ground / 340 m² completed
May 4th School building / 3,582 m² completed
1985 Mar Shirasagi Memorial Museum of Natural History / 869 m² completed
May Komagane Central Alps Komagane boarding house extension
1986 Apr Urawa Gakuin High School “Kyoshi” dormitory / 18,245 m² opened
Nishi Urawa ground land / 18,245 m² acquired
1987 Mar Glory Monument (Graduation Memorial) completed
Glory Prize awarded by Saitama Prefecture Foundation of Athletic Association
Playground 4 land / 18,360 m² acquired
1988 Mar Performance Award
Ken Suzuki (Baseball club) and Fumiko Yamazaki (Tennis club)
1989 Mar Club rooms extension
Apr Urawa Gakuin Nishi Urawa dormitory opened
1991 Oct Cheer song created
1993 Mar Performance Award (Men’s handball)
Apr Prefabricated building / 393 m² completed
1994 Apr Club room (Sumo ground) / 166 m² extension
1995 Apr Japanese Calligraphy room and Warehouse building extension
1996 Mar Performance Award Naoki Shigematsu (Figure skating)
July Playground 5 / 6,597 m² completed
1997 Mar Terayama boarding house / 338 m² opened
1998 Oct Principal Kozo Takahashi retired
Takamitsu Sekine appointed as Principal
1999 Aug Playground 1 / 2,600 m² renovated
2000 Apr Komagane boarding house closed
Sept Small plot of land in playground 5 is sold to Urawa City as water reservoir / 4,328 m²
Nov Playground 5 / 3,063 m² incremented
2001 Mar Principal Takamitsu Sekine retired
Apr Yukio Kuroiwa appointed as Principal
May From the three cities merged, the name of location is changed from Urawa City to Saitama City
Aug School boarding house and Pottery studio / 148 m² demolished
Cafeteria building for clubs / 188.5 m² completed
Sept School bus stop completed and Main gate renovated
Oct School precepts monument established
2002 Jan Bicycle parking lot (Two-story made of steel frame with 719 units / 1,025.34 m² in capacity with 11 club rooms / 423.88 m² ) completed
Mar Principal Yukio Kuroiwa retired
Apr Hideo Naito appointed as Principal
May Monument of School Mission Statement donated by the alumni class of 2001 established
Pitching practice ground / 1,520 m² acquired
Shirasagi museum upper parking lot / 2,263.08 m² acquired
“Kyoshi” dormitory side parking lot / 720 m² acquired
Nov “Kyoshi” dormitory / 370.14 m² and “Kyoshi” land / 678.10 m² acquired
2003 Mar Signboard of School badge donated by the alumni class of 2002 is installed at 1st School building rooftop
Apr From the cabinet ordinance of city migration, the name of location is changed from Saitama city, Daiyama to Saitama city, Midori Ward Daiyama
2004 Mar “Kyoshi” dormitory / 370.14 m² demolished
Apr “Kyoshi” dormitory / 792 m² newly constructed
2005 July Playground 4 / 18,360 m² renovated
2006 Mar Nasu hot spring ground and boarding house closed
Apr “Kyoshi” dormitory prefabricated / 94 m² extension
2007 Mar Shirasagi Memorial Museum of Natural History closed
Dec Japanese Calligraphy room, Warehouse and Two cafeteria building / 571 m² demolished
Principal Hideo Naito retired
2008 Jan Yukio Ozawa appointed as Principal
May Cafeteria, Class room building / 1,027.18 m² & ULT (Uragaku Literacy Tower) library / 869 m² completed
Aug Archery ground / 377 m² newly constructed
2009 Apr Gymnasium (UDIUM) / 2,569.75 m² newly constructed
Dec Playground 2 / 45,419 m² acquired
2011 Mar Land of 1st side parking lot for employees / 373 m² acquired
June Table tennis / 175.5 m² and Judo hall / 220.4 m² demolished
2012 Apr Uragaku Family symbol and Fountain of Dream and Hope (Uragaku Fountain) completed
Uragaku Fountain and Park (L’Arc) / 2,263 m² completed
Aug Earthquake resistance of 1st school building (Class room) / 3,272.54 m² constructed
Earthquake resistance of 3rd school building / 2,710.18 m² constructed
2013 Feb Land around Terayama area / 2,694.54 m² acquired
Aug Earthquake resistance of 1st school building (Administration building) / 2,794 m² constructed
Earthquake resistance of 2nd school building / 1,902 m² constructed
2014 Sept Declaration of Health and Safety
2015 Apr Monument for Declaration of Health and Safety established (Main gate side)
2016 Mar International & Soccer Dormitory called “NEXU” completed / 1,947.76 m²
2016 Dec Certification of International Safe School ( ISS )
2017 Mar Principal Yukio Ozawa retired
Apr Masanori Ishihara appointed as Principal

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Organizational Chart
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