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We lead you to an encounter with new peers.
We lead you to a stage of a path for learning to global society.
We lead you to an achievement of national titles together.
We lead you to being good at both academics and sports.
We lead you to more competitive school of your choice than you expect.
Urawa Gakuin leads you towarda brighter future beyond your imagination.Let’s take the challenge together.
  • Educational Philosophy Educational Philosophy Introduction of our mission statement, precepts, promotion of 21st Century Uragaku Education and principal’s greetings Educational Philosophy

  • History History Introduction of our history, school song, school badge・ school flag・school logo and organizational chart School Introduction

  • SPORTS STADIUM SPORTS STADIUM Introduction of our facilities and equipment including fountain,gymnasium,library, dormitory,playgrounds, computer rooms and cafeteria Facilities and Equipment

  • Education System Education System Introduction of our nine fulfilling and diverse courses in three types ( Global, Advanced and Fundamental ) Course Introduction

  • Clubs Clubs Introduction of a wide variety of our sports and cultural clubs ( Baseball, Handball, Tennis, Cheer leading, Brass band and so on ) Extracurricular Activities


  • Interaction with many friends having different personalities and deepening self-recognition and empathy
  • Advantage of school scale where students can have a wide variety of options
  • Various opportunities to have decision making in different points of view for students’ growth


Address 172 Daiyama Midori-Ku Saitama-City,
Saitama Pref Japan. 336-0975
TEL. 048-878-2101
FAX. 048-878-3335

172 Daiyama Midori-ku Saitama-City, Saitama Pref Japan. 336-0975 TEL. 048-878-2101 FAX. 048-878-3335
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